We are NEC Money Transfer Limited

Better things happen when money moves. This is how we start having dreams and it comes true. NEC MONEY is not just about international money transfer. It is about children's education, or building of your dream home, a lavish wedding of your daughter, or medical treatment for an ailing parents. Sending money home in time was never easier. With a network of 500,000 payment point across the globe, NEC MONEY is never far away. When you choose us, you choose a money transfer service that is convenient, affordable, accessible and secure. Our company pricing policy is not only ensures the maximum security of your money sending through us but also it assures the maximum benefit.

NEC Money Transfer Limited started its journey in 2015 under UK based Authorised Payment Institution which operates in European Union (EEA countries) and still growing. We are authorised with HMRC and obtained our MLR registration. More importantly NEC Money Transfer limited has approval by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), approved License no-649461 and Registered Office is:624A Romford road, Manor park, London, E12 5AQ, United Kingdom.


We are deeply committed and enthusiastic about whatever we do. We provide the most reliable, rapid and convenient way of sending money worldwide around the clock. Our ever-expanding correspondents are selected for their stability and reliability.


In every game a team will not going to win until or unless they have a good team work and dedication, this is the moto NEC Money Transfer Limited believe in. Our team spirit is to build a good relationship with respect and support each other. To get the best possible outcome, we always engage and connect each other. For that reason, we frequently provide our employees with sufficient job related training. In order that immigrants can send remittance in the legitimate way to their family & loved ones in their country, we are training up our team members or employees and agents “Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT)” training. This is how we are going to be the best service provider in the financial world.