How do I compare international money transfer providers?




Exchange rates

This is the rate at which your money will be converted to your target currency. Some transfer providers offer lower fees but weaker exchange rates, while others charge no fees but profit from the margin between its rate and the mid-market rate. Compare the total cost of your transfer to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

The rate where your money will be converted to your preference currency you want. There are couple of providers can offer you a lower fees with a poor exchange rates or




Usually your bank or transfer provider will charge a free for making a transfer money. Sometime fees can be fluctuate depending on who you are transferring with. Generally fees come with a flat rate.



Transfer options

Independent transfer services like Nec Money Transfer Limited and World First offer competitive exchange rates and no fees. If you want to send and receive cash right away, compare options like Other Exchange. Bank-to-bank transfers are safe and convenient but typically not your cheapest or fastest option.




The finest way of transferring money might depend on how much you like to send. If a figure is five or more you want to transfer, obviously you want to make sure that you are getting the highest interchange rate- specifically since providers inspire a large transfers by proposing low fees. If you want a small amount to your friends or family still you need to consider a fees and an exchange rate as well.



Frequency & Purpose

Sending a one-time transfer differs from sending regular transfers, with a one-time transfer, you may put more weight on speed and flexibility in delivery, such as cash pickup. But if you’re sending recurring payments, you’ll want to set up regular transfers that can save you the most on rates and fees over the long term.




Sometimes you or a loved one are in an emergency and need funds quickly — and in cash. Thankfully there are global money transfer providers with tons of agent locations that allow your recipient to pick up the funds in cash, often within minutes. If you have a little more time, however, consider an independent transfer provider that can get you much lower fees and stronger exchange rates.